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BCWL: Takaful Solutions (BancaTakaful)

Takaful Solutions (BancaTakaful)

Islamic banking and Takaful products are the happening issues in banking circles today. Family Takaful products are an Islamic equivalent of Life Insurance and General takaful is the equivalent of General Insurance. The comparision however stops here.

Takaful solution for a bank or an insurance company requires complete understanding of Sharia principles and understanding of global best practices in Takaful market. Product development, accounting, fund management and profit sharing - everything requires domain knowledge. We have experts who have set up Takaful companies in various jurisdictions and therefore we can assist you more than one way.

Islam being the largest religion in the world has rightfully expected banks and insurance companies to respond to Shariah compliant banking and insurance solutions. Takaful contracts today are sold and bought in Middle East and Far East including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bruenei, etc. and has proved to be an attractive proposition for banks and its customers.

The value chain creation and loyalty generated by Takaful contracts have brought more and more banks into seeking Takaful solutions. Takaful solutions have gone far beyond Life products and General Takaful is equally well practised today. Even non Muslims are interested in Takaful products as it provides value and returns commensurate with market investment opportunity. Our experience in the middle eastern market can help you develop your own Takaful Solutions.

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